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Our Story

This journey began when Jo Bradway - a wife, mother, and grandmother - friended a family who live the other side of the world. Their Facebook pages were filled with updates about their selfless service to those in their midst and revealed their steadfast devotion to God, family and community.

She and her husband Tom looked from afar as they fed the hungry, clothed the poor, and ministered to the hurting around them.


After months of being mere spectators, the American couple felt compelled to get involved.  They vetted the family and began sending small financial gifts.  After each donation, they were provided pictures of how the money was spent: steel was purchased for the orphanage; bags of cement were bought; and bricks brought in by canoe.  Then came the laborers.  Over many months, they watched the orphanage start to take shape. 


Children were fed hot meals; widows and children were clothed; blankets and Bibles were distributed; book bags were provided to school children; and more. As the two pastors gained their trust, the donations became more frequent.  Friends began giving, too, and collectively they began to make a difference. 


After Jo shared the photos with her sister, Starr, the two women decided to launch a charity that would help to expand the outreach, complete the orphanage, and provide ongoing support for the orphaned children. 

But the question remained - HOW?

             Luke 1:37  With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. 

Heart Threads International was born.


Heart Threads is based on the premise that most Americans enjoy an abundant life and like to share what we have with others.  Through continuous updates to our Web site and Facebook page, you can see how your donations are spent.  You can track the progress that is made possible by you, and see how your sponsorship is improving the lives of the people on the other side of the world.

Unlike some charities where salaries and perks account for most of the spending, no one at Heart Threads takes a salary, nor do we expense personal items such as cell phones, Internet or vehicles to the charity.  This is a labor of love for us. 

On behalf of every soul that is fed, clothed, sheltered, provided medical care, and given hope through your generous donation, THANK YOU!

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