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Fazilpur Orphanage

When we learned that 30 orphaned children were living in this teeny tiny church, our team decided take this on as a sustainable community development project.  See what we were able to accomplish for ~ $1000 USD.

The workmen began by tearing down most of the old hut, hauling in more dirt to extend the foundation, and framing the hut using wood and bamboo. 

The children watched as the men went to work.

The workers hung the steel roof and walls, then added more steel to close off doors and windows. 

Then someone said, "Hey, let's add solar so they can have lights and a fan!" 

The children had one last request before our team left.  They asked HTI to build a latrine for them.  For you city slickers, "latrine" is military speak for "restroom".  ;)

After inquiring about the cost ($120), we set about to do just that.

While all of this excitement was taking place, members of our team showed up with a box of goodies.  They proceeded to give away Heart Threads dresses, shorts, pants, and T-shirts to the precious children. 

In America, we call this "organized chaos", but to these children, it was like Christmas times 1000.  They were overjoyed, some receiving "new" clothing for the first time.

The hats are matched up with blankets and given away in time for winter, but this little cutie was not about to let the Snoopy hat slip away unclaimed.

To christen the hut, the children were brought indoors to enjoy fruit, muffins, boiled eggs & snacks. 

A few balloons topped off the celebration....

Then, the children and some locals gathered to thank God for His many blessings....

The work we did in Fazilpur is an example of the kinds of micro-projects that HTI focuses on.  In less than 2 weeks, we expanded their hut, installed solar (for lights and a fan), added a latrine, and fed and clothed the children.  Our team's goal is always to assess the need, work quickly to make a big impact, and move on to the next project. 

A huge "THANK YOU" to our team on the ground who brought this project to successful completion!

Ps Michael Subash, his wife Shalomi and his father-in-law,

Rev Dipti Biswas

These awesome men provided much of the muscle power needed to complete the project.

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